Natural Fertilisers for Sustainable Agriculture

Improve soil & crop yields while reducing water use & minimising CO2 emissions

Trisil Group is an Australian owned supplier of high-grade Diatomaceous Earth, sourced from freshwater deposits in Lampang, Thailand.

The range of benefits from Trisil’s range are proven to substantially increase agricultural yield from less land with less water, or land that was otherwise non-arable, without causing harm to the environment.

We aim to help revolutionise agriculture by shifting away from chemical products to sustainable practices.

Trisil’s goal is to partner with farmers, land owners and government to sustainably and economically improve their land management.

Australian provider of freshwater Diatomaceous Earth to help improve your soil

Scientifically Backed



Higher plant yields, reduced water usage and increased nutrient holding capacity. 

Soil Health

An unparalleled ability to hold over 150% of its own weight in water, reducing the severity of drought when proactively applied. 


Crop Quality

The silicon strengthens plant cell walls allowing crops to withstand common weather stressors including high winds, heat and cold.

Disease & Pest Resistance

The strengthened cell wall provides a reinforced barrier that hinders pests from gaining access to the nutrients within.


All natural and non-toxic, increases the rate of carbon sequestration and improves water management practices.

Animal Health

DE reduce levels of mycotoxins in the animal, leading to higher quality produce.


Four forms to suit individual application methods.

Chip - Trisil
Extruded Pellet
Extruded Pellet - Trisil
Rounded Pellet
Chip - Trisil
Chip - Trisil

Pellets and chips available in either 2-5mm or 4-8mm sizes.
Available in 500g, 2kg, 5kg, 25kg, 600kg or in bulk.



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