Sustainable Agriculture is OUR FUTURE

Why Sustainable Farming?

The demand for food is relentless. To meet this demand, agriculture needs to move to a sustainability model for the long term health of our planet, such an approach can increase yields by using less water.

Preserving our environment and stopping further damage our ecosystems lies in sustainable farming.

With the rate of water consumption growing twice as fast as the global population, an estimated 1.8 billion people will be living without ready access to water, and two-third of the world population could be living under conditions of water stress.

Trisil’s Diatomaceous Earth will improve soils, need less water, need less chemical fertiliser, and helps replenish the natural ecosystems. 

Carbon Capture & Storage

Globally the agriculture industry is implementing carbon strategies to reverse the damage caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere and meet global targets.

Trisil’s organic fertiliser range assists farmers in lowering their carbon footprint. Adding Diatomaceous Earth to soil significantly increases microbiology, which simultaneously improves the overall health of soil and actively stores carbon.

Carbon is the main component of soil organic matter and helps give soil its water-retention capacity, its structure, and its fertility.


Environment, Social & Governance

Trisil is accelerating its focus and commitment to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) best practice by working towards becoming a carbon neutral/negative Diatomaceous Earth supplier.

Extracting, processing and delivering finished DE products produces a fraction of the emissions conventional synthetic/chemical fertilisers, and has greatly reduced environmental impacts.

Trisil has developed relationships with farmers and landowners to implement programs to produce carbon credits and deliver sustainable carbon sequestration as part of a global push to reduce CO2 emissions.



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